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Haven't you ever wondered what it would be like to be the victim of a unknown  creature, well this is the game for you. This is a short game where you play as a normal citizen and fall victim to Siren Head's tactics due to your stupidity. 

This game took me too long to make for what it is but it is something I can be proud of, but when I say short, I mean really short.

I just want to say I know Siren Head isn't an official SCP, but a lot of other Siren Head games are just called "Siren head," so sorry for any confusion, I just wanted a little variation in my game's name.

If you are interested in this character, check out his Wiki: https://villains.fandom.com/wiki/Siren_Head

Character original created by Trevor Henderson

If you want to learn about dev project early or just keep up to date what I'm doing, join my discord server: https://discord.com/invite/rkNjRCW

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Just thought I wanted to make a video on this game and another 

A Siren Head Android Game that you can Play everyehere! Wouldnt it be great?

Short, took me a bit to figure out what the controls were(maybe add that in). It was fun!! first one in the video.

this was short very short lol it was cool though starts @19:02

so short but it was very good


Hey I played this game on my channel! I screamed alot lol! Go check it out! Thank you!

you did not even play this one lol


oh my bad lol

amazing game could be more added to it , but was amazing for my content

A very enjoyable game. Starts at 9:20

I would really appreciate if you guys checked out the most recent vid! Siren Head is game 3!


Siren head is a original creation, not a part of the SCP Foundation. Don't make up your own fake SCPs out of someone's art.


This person didn't make it up but a lot of people have ported it to a sandbox form of the SCP wiki.

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If you look up SCP 6789, you'll find that almost all results show Siren Head. 


There's not even a 7th series yet on the website so it doesn't matter you mongloid, Siren head isn't an SCP


Well, I didn't say it is an SCP. I'm talking about Google search results and that the developer of game didn't just "make it up by stealing somebody's art"

Even if he didn't make up the SCP, he is still sharing forward this fake rude creation. This is not an SCP, he should just name it Siren Head or something more original and most of all CREDIT THE ORIGINAL CREATION and not make people think this was 'invented' by the SCP foundation.

My point about result of SCP-6789 from Google still remains the same. They most probably got their info from the same place as everybody else. Also, the person who created Siren Head is Trevor Henderson. I'm not saying its okay to call it SCP when its not???? I'm just saying that the developer probably got the idea, be it wrong, from the same place and everybody else did, so saying that THEY made it up is wrong. And they actually have credited the artist, Trevor Henderson, in the game as well. 

Yeah and? It wasn't originally created as a SCP object, it's an original creation made by some great guy and i'll be honest i forgot his name, but he invented this creation and made the original tiktok video. Then a bunch of kids got to it and said iT's An ScP. Even the creator is now mad at them. Anyone can make his own scp, that's fine as long as it is actually your own scp, not a ripoff of someone's creation. It's like taking for example freddy from fnaf and saying he's an SCP, lets say SCP 389134791208. He is not. This is just rude.

I really think this is a creepy add to this whole Siren Head creature and I love it so much I hope you make more like this or even continue this. I liked it so much I made a video with this game in it. Good Luck in the future.


Not to bad for a short little scare, I could easily see it being something abit more, however.  15:00

Hey, so I've seen your game and I'd like to reach out regarding your plans for a short film on this. I'd be interested in learning more! I'm a writer of predominantly horror content and I'm always looking to make new connections with new people with new projects. Do you have a social media handle I can contact you on? Siren Head is steeped in mystery. 

Well, as of right now the project is put on hold due to the quarantine. After it is lifted I have a filming project I would like to complete before starting this one, but once that is done we'll see where things go from their. We would love the help. You can join my Discord server with https://discord.gg/ubGkgWC

Interesting game, could be made into something more. I made a video of it if you'd like to see. (First Game)

This freaked me out with how dark it was and could be great if expanded upon, theres so much mystery surrounding the Siren Head creature.

Great work anyways :)


Cool game, I  had a lot of fun playing it . Starts at 6.00

SCP 6789 story Object category: keter

Special accommodation measures: scp-6789 must be housed in a room with a diameter and width of at least 20.80m at any cost, and must have a "silencing" device at site - ██ scp-6789 must always be stored there when it is damaged in the accommodation room of scp-6789, the accommodation room of scp-6789 must at least try to close it, so there will be no consequences to exit the accommodation room. Council 05 refused to visit scp-6789 until Council order 05-3 was opened. If any order is made from the o5-3 Committee, the following agreement shall be followed.
At least two level D personnel must enter, level D must be protected by the thermal vision system, and that's all. Each person must have at least one heartbeat screen. In case of any violation, scientists are not allowed to enter scp-6789 cell at any time, except for MTF gamma-5 employees. Any attempt to open cell scp-6789 without notice from Council o5-3 could result in immediate execution. At least two guards armed and trained for any form of humanoid hostilities are human to SCP.
Description: scp-6789 is a humanoid, 10.68 in size, with arms resting on the floor, legs covered, floating, neck covered, head in the form of two loudspeakers, the second pointing to the right. Scp-6789 seems to be able to use radio broadcast for communication, acquire signals with specific phrases from all over the world and even other unknown dates to establish a dialogue, and imitate nuclear intrusion alarms, etc. Therefore, scp-6789 can control the transmitted audio at will, which may even lead to immediate death or even coma. The appearance of scp-6789 seems to be malnourished, its color is obscure, it seems to be burned, and the meat burnt by scp-6789 has a good smell. In theory, scp-6789 will cause a false alarm of nuclear war and eventually create a false alarm.
We speculate whether this is possible and highly expect scp-6789 to show strategic intelligence and even basic teaching. "

Alpha: some commands. We are going to entities, do you copy?
Commander: Yes, alpha. Count
Bravo: here it is.
Foxtrot: here.
Commander: alpha, lead the way to the entity, about 30 kilometers away from you.
Alpha: OK, you heard the command. Come on.
From here, the unit's troops reached 10 meters from the entity until they heard the voice described, leading to the death of the agent. Shortly after the signal was sent, the voice of the microphone suddenly burst, unable to even get the painful voice from other units.

This game was super fun! 

The joke is pretty pretty good xD (1st game in video)

My gameplay (2:03)

Just so you know, the games brightness is darker than I thought it was due to my monitor not having the greatest contrast. Soon I'll push an update to make the room a little brighter.

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i told you your game is like a  yutube games are you happy creator


I haven't played the game but I wanted to say that Siren Head isn't a SCP. A Minecraft youtuber made it all up and there are no SCPs over 5999.


Siren Head was made by Trevor Henderson, not a minecraft youtuber.


A Minecraft YouTuber said it was SCP 6789 but it is buy Trevor Henderson and has nothing to do with the SCP foundation


I know that it isn't an official SCP, but most other Siren Head games are just named "Siren Head," and I just wanted a little diversity in my games name.

Short but really effective! Would love to see a longer game! Starts at 4:51 in the video!

It's very short, but tells a quick story. I liked Siren Head's movement, and the abrupt surprise at the end.

It's the second game I played in this video.
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ok the game is ok but prety good creations

I've done a lot of game development in the past with friends, but this was the first project I took on my own and actually finished, so the all around lack of polish shows. But it's still something I can say I'm proud of unlike my other creations.

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no i love this game this siren head is prety creation

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unles your are luky you have game now proud your self to like the game